Hello, I'm Lucas!


I'm a 23-year-old Photographer from the great state of Minnesota! I've lived here all my life and have found so much inspiration living here because of the natural beauty, and colorful nature of the communities in the Twin Cities Metro area.

Some things that I like include: Dogs, Salad, Working out, and my 5D Mark 3.

Recently I've been working on doing as much learning as possible. I want to become a master at photography, and retouching and do huge things with my life! I love to give off positivity and convey that through my online and in-person presence. Let’s be friends! (I’m serious, hit me up!)

Portraits are also something that I love! Getting the opportunity to capture someones personality, and presence is something that really excites me! My favorite kind of portraits are one that push me creatively so if you're looking to collaborate feel free to hit me up!

In 10 years I would love to see myself working as a content creator. Providing unique photos to brands, and companies all over the world. I would also love to spread the art of photography, and help people better their craft. 

Welcome to my page, and please reach out if you need anything!


Lucas Jensen

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