Rate for photographic services

Since every photoshoot is different I decided to forgo the typical package structure and simplify it into an hourly rate for the photography itself and the editing time. This rate is going to go up as I continue to learn and get better everyday so to get the best rate make sure to book right away!

My current rate is $200/Hr

Here are a few examples of prices for typical shoot:

-Headshots (outdoor/naturally lit): Min. $200 (Included: Fully retouched image(s)* delivered digitally via google drive, copyright release)**

-Portrait Session (1 Hour):Min. $600 (Included: 1 hour on location, 2 hours editing time, Fully retouched images* delivered via google drive)

-Portrait Session (2 Hours): Min. $1000 (Included: 2 hours on location, Fully retouched images* delivered via google drive)

*NOTE: I don’t put a specific number of shots you will receive because it could vary widely depending on how much work needs to be done to each image. I strive for nothing but the best when it comes to the work that I put out so please do not ask for unedited originals.

**The difference between headshots and the portrait session is time. The headshot session will be about 20 minutes, limited location, no changes in outfits, etc.

Things that I do not shoot.


-Senior photos (Unless the senior in question is the one reaching out to me, in that case hell yeah! I just don’t want to take pictures of someone who is being forced to by their parents!)




If there is something you need shot please message me, and I will let you know if that is something I would be interested in and how much it will be.

My hope is that this page gives you some insight to how my pricing works. I also want you to know that I take the art of photography very seriously, and I will do my absolute best with the knowledge I have currently to deliver photos you can cherish for years to come!

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