Free portrait/Social media Agreement

  • I understand that I am receiving these photos for free and do not own the copyright on the photos delivered or published, and I must follow the rules published below in regards to handling finished photos.

    • If you are posting a photo to Instagram you must tag @LJENSEN_PORTS

    • If you are posting on Facebook you must tag @LUCASCJENSEN

    • If posting anywhere else you must include my full name LUCAS JENSEN

    • The photos CANNOT be edited whatsoever (Filters, cropping, etc) Lucas Jensen works very hard, and has worked for a long time to get the skills required for editing, and changing photos in any way is very offensive to Lucas Jensen. (If you require something specific please let me know)

    • Printing of any photos without my permission is not okay, and must be approved (eg. Family Members taking photos from Facebook and printing them) These photos are meant for you to use on your social media, not for print.

    • Failure to follow these rules will result in the revocation of the right to use the photos in any way.

  • I understand that there may not be any photo that Lucas Jensen deems to be “good” and the shoot may result in zero photos being delivered or published. I understand that there will be no compensation for time in the event that there are no photos that a deemed acceptable and you are participating at your own risk of wasted time.

  • The location of the shoot will be decided by Lucas Jensen by using an app that chooses a random location within the twin cities, and I understand and am able to provide transportation to the chosen location.

  • Lucas Jensen will not make you go into places you are uncomfortable going, but you are aware the we will be in public and Lucas Jensen has no liability for your safety, practice good judgement.

  • These rules are subject to additions or subtractions at any time, and a new agreement must be virtually signed prior to any shoot.

If you agree to the rules above please sign below.

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If you are not over the age of 18 please note that you must have a parent fill this out and accompany you on your shoot.
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What is today's date?
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I'll send out a snap to see if anyone wants to shoot today. THIS IS NOT A PERSONAL SNAPCHAT ACCOUNT AND WILL NOT BE USED FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN SHOOT NOTIFICATIONS. If you would like to be added please type your snapchat below, if not type N/A.
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