Cause baby you’re a fIrework!

With summer almost in full swing that means a few things:

-weekends at the cabin

-many margaritas

-and awesome firework shows!

In this post I’m going to show you how to get those bomb shots of fireworks you’ve always wanted!!

Things you’ll need:

-a camera (duh)

-a tripod (or an alternative that can keep your camera still)

-a plan

-(optional) a remote, if your camera supports one

How to get the shot:

Set your camera up on the tripod and point it in the direction you guess the fireworks will be in the sky (this is where having a plan comes in). Find out where they will be shot from and take your best guess. Once the first one goes off you can finalize your position.

Most cameras have a ‘manual’ mode where you pick all the settings. Make sure you’re on manual and set the exposure to at least 3 seconds at a very low/wide aperture (don’t know what aperture is?! Click this text to be directed to a beginners guide). This will let in hella light which is what you want!

Set your ISO (or the camera's sensitivity to light) to 400. This really depends on your camera. Some cameras can go higher but 400 is probably the highest you should go, otherwise the photos will look super noisy and I guess if that’s your aesthetic then go for it, but it’s not mine 👌🏼

All of these settings will take a bit of  trial and error, so get to know how to quickly change the aperture to accommodate how much/little light is available to you! The shutter speed shouldn’t go below 3 seconds otherwise you won’t get the cool trails of light and sparkles.

Okay now for the fun part!! If you don’t have a remote find the self timer setting on your camera and use that to reduce camera shake from your hand touching the shutter button. Make sure you keep your hands off the camera and on a tripod throughout shooting (a tripod is V important. Taking these steps will make your photos crispy as f***! If you have a remote now is the time to use it. Once you hear the fireworks launch it’s time to practice your mind-muscle connection and time it right to get that money shot! It’s not easy, but if you get your timing right you can get some awesome shots!

I hope this guide helps you a little bit to get some bitchin’ photos that will get you a few likes! If you get some cool shots please share them with me!

Have a fun and safe summer and make sure that you’re not focusing (hehe, camera joke) too much on getting cool photos and make sure you stay in the moment with your friends and family!!

Peace and blessings!


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